Just A Dream T.T - I hope its not ~ Part 2 ~

Reminisce the fond memories,it takes me back to the days where I can laugh.. The days where I just belief that everything I did was true,The days where theres no one can tears the ideas apart.. Every success man.. behind him lies a woman who always stood by his side..

Let me tell you about a girl who change my world,
I dont know just how she's doing that,
She's on my mind , She's taking my time,
I'm losing my way,but now she's bring me back..
She's my IPOD I got my own replay,
I love the way she lie and the way she make me wanna say,
The Dj got us fall in love again,
We like a dynamite and I just cant get enough..
What goes UP must come DOWN,
Im playing all alone in the middle of the night....

And if theres a person I would let my life go.. it would definitely be you..

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