# ProjectAwesome2012 - I'm AOHHSOMMEEE!!!

What is this #ProjectAwesome2012 that  people kept on posting on facebook and tweeting it ? , ahah! You came to the right place fellas. Now , I am announcing that I am supporting this cause and community , wanna be part of this AOOHHSOMMEE!! project ?? , but wait... , what is this thing / matter / something2 actually ?

Well , here it goes..

Project Awesome! is a project where I will collect photos of people holding a piece of paper with "I'm Awesome!" written on it and turn them into a large collage. The collage will be posted here in the blog. 

Project Awesome is designated for unity and self esteem. We always look at other people and wish we could be them and in the same time it was our own self that we keep forgetting. We forget that we are awesome in our own way, never mind what other people say. So why not we make a still memory out of it? Why not be confident in ourselves and shout it out loud, "I'm Awesome!"?

ALL OF YOU! This project is profit free and my intention is to collect as many photos as possible and form them into a collage in which I will show to the world that these people are the ones who know just how awesome they are. Anybody with a camera and internet connection can participate :D

Simple! First, write "I'm Awesome!" on a piece of paper, take a picture of yourself and send it to me! You can either:- 
1. Email us at projectawesome2012@yahoo.com
2. Twitpic them and mention us, @projectawesome  in Twitter
 Take the best picture you can! Be creative! Be decorative! Be happy! Be awesome! This is the best thing - You can send me as many pictures as you want! 

Of course! In order to make this game a fun and clean one, there has to be some rules. The rules are:
  1. The pic has to be from head to waist so that your face will be visibly clear in the collage. Don't be shy!
  2. Make sure the writing is visible too! Refer to the pic below!
  3. As long as there are (a) your face and (b) an A4/A3 size paper with "I'm Awesome" on it, you're up for the game!
  4. You HAVE to let others know too! More participants, the better!
  5. The pics have to reach me BEFORE 12.00am on 12th of February 2012.  Then onward, we can start making the collage! :D
Thanks people! Let's make this one an awesome one!

Check their official social networking acc @ :

Twitter : @PA2012_

p/s : Thanks Kak Musliyana Mansor for introducing this AOHHSOMMEE!! cause! I AM AWESOME :D , to everyone else , what are you waiting for ? Grab that picture of your awesomeness!!! STAND UP AND SAY I AM AWESOME !

here's some #projectawesome2012 supporter ! So , what are you waiting for ? grab that camera and show how aohhsommee you are! :D WE ARE AWESOME!

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