MID..and MID... not Midterm but MIDVALLEY :)

KTM Serdang station~ :)

Graffiti wall at Tropicana Life shop~
Infront of WHY PAY MORE? shop!
Nice pose YANA~ blurp! blurp!

Aliff and his wify~ Gedegang Yennade :P!

Shukri Abdullah ~ :) Debate master!
Dieyana Rahman ~ The LADY in White hahahaa~

Syafiq Mazalan ~ Spanish Masters~ :P! 90%!!!!
Ali Hassan ~ My swim coach!! :)
Oh!! Who is this!!?? so handsome! hahahahaha!!!

Tropicana Life bebehhhh!!
The owner of tattoo shop~ Dragon Fly~ Shukri and Syafiq ahhaha
Cute picxture Shukri! :P! heheehhehe~ happy time!!!

we have a fun and happy time didnt we???~ :P!

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