Photo collection from a trip to IPOH~S

Infront of KTM Ipoh station.

Faliq , Me and Syafiq posing with the IPOH sign :P!

Again~ Posing infront of KTM IPOH Station...nearly 1.30AM!
While waiting our number to get a ticket at KLctrl to IPOH!

I guess I didnt need to tell you,what is this place :)

posing~ mosing!

Reflexology for free~ Hey! whats wrong with u syafiq?!

Goin to IPOH PARADE :) heee

IPOH got 100YEN TOO!!!! :P!

~some collection from a night trip to IPOH~ Syafiq Mazalan house :)~ feels good and feels like goin back to home~ :)

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