# The Last Day of 2011

Kinda weird Im writing an entry in English eh ? Well , it is goin' to be a short entry from me anyway.How many of you did already planned what you guys gonna do on the last day of 2011. How's the years 2011 gone so far ? Up and Down? Good and Bad? Every soul breathing got their own story to tell what they've been thru  throughout  2011.

In less than 24 hours , we are going to step into the new year , 2012 to be clear. I'm planning on celebrating New Year with friends and my mom actually , where ? That is something we're goin' to decide when the times come.. My final exam is just around the corner , and I was like, lost in the middle of nowhere , dont know where to start , I guess , too much thinking makes you cant think anything at all ?

Thanks to you , dear friends , families and not to forget , my lovely and dearest blog reader and follower , who are , without hesitation , supporting me throughout the years (you know who you are..). thru the up's and down's , once again , I wanna show my love and thank's to all of you.

I'm  thinking of giving some gift's to my blog readers in a week , before my final exam starts , as I am about to leave blogging for a while , focusing on my final exam (which I am not ready yet.. :D). Wish me luck on my exam , and may you have a wonderful New Year Celebrations! Happy New Year everyone!

p/s : May 2012  brings us prosporous and happily story throught out the years eh. Amin.

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