# A day for Mind Relaxing.

It is the 2nd day of 2012 ,  and if I'm not mistaken , it's public holiday right ?  , well , the 2nd day of 2012 , filled with another outing with my mates (again..). This time , we're goin' to GSC , Alamanda , Putrajaya. The planned is , Sherlock Holmes new movies. 

I've got another 3 days before my final exam starts , instead of facing the BOOK all 24 hours , it is better for me to get out from UPM and take some fresh air and relaxing my mind a little bit before the hectic week for final examination is about to kick off.

Public holidays , and we are expecting Alamanda would be crowded with peoples attacking the cinema , but gladly , normal (maybe its because people are rather staying at home after the new year celebration?). Sherlock Holmes ? From my opinion , it is worth the money that I spend for the tickets , full and fill with adventures and funny scene to be laugh at. I would rate it 3.8 out of 5

Watching Sherlock's movies makes me want to be a genius , oh d*mn , if I could possessed his geniusity (i dont know if this word's even exist :p! ) , surely , I wouldnt face any trouble for my final exam. He always planned and knew what is about to come ,oh clever Sherlock's , mind to lend me your geniusity ? (again..).

The day filled with joy and happiness , thanks Hamzi , Farhan , Syafiq & Laila for another great moment with you guys.Oh ya , by the way , this is my first time "membalun" Satay Kajang , Hj.Samuri , thanks Hamzi , you brought me there , what can I say ? It tasted so good.

And finally , we end up at Putrajaya bridge , the famous one , the one opposite the Putrajaya Mosque , taking some pictures and possed here , possed there , Syafiq the (myanmar model ... jokes haha) , Laila , Farhan and not to forget , the transporter , Mr.Hamzi , thanks again for the wonderful evening. A mind relaxing for an afternoon.

p/s : btw , Goodluck for final exam lads. :) Have fun with your papers.Now we can start worrying about final exam. Wish me luck people. ! Have a nice day !

Satay Kajang , Hj.Samuri , Taman Warisan , Putrajaya. SLRRPPP..
"Hari Gula Sedunia" ????
The cover album for NEWBOYZ 2011 , haha
Hamzi & Farhan @ KFC
All time favourite , Cheesy Wedges.
Wonderful view of the bridge :)
Its Farhan & Laila (laila? whats wrong with the face?!)
Colourful & Wonderful
The view of Putrajaya Mosque. (nightview)
Possed here.
Possed there.
Jump here.
And end - up in the car , ready for a ride goin back to UPM.

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