# Devian Dogma - 26 Mac 2012 | Panggung Percubaan.

Yeah! it's been a long time , this blog was like "abandoned" for quite some times. For sure , it is because I am to busy with my work and stuff and study and so on... ~ Nahh , I feel tired and exhausted. But one thing for sure , I feel like i'm goin' back to the old me. Passionate with my work and love all the thing I do. :)

Well , heres the new project I've been involve with , not much , just some stuff with posters and teaser video for my College production. They are competing in Festival Teater Interkolej 2012. I would be happy and thankful for you if you come by and give your support ! Thanks much guys and girls! It's free dowh!

26 Mac 2012
8.30 Malam
Panggung Percubaan , Universiti Putra Malaysia

and here's the teaser , this idea came when "unintentionally" , I listened to ALAM - Mbak Dukun song , an Indonesian singer :) enjoy it :

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