# Farewell , so long and goodbye.

So , a month of joyness holiday has come to an end. Well , a new semester is just bout to kick-off , it is time to say farewell and goodbye to families and friends. Another 4 months seperated and insyaAllah we'll meet again. I knew , I am not the only you who felt sick when it is about to left home , not a few days , but a few months and for some , years. 

That awkward moment when you are about to end your holiday and suddenly realise there's so much you have to do but as you realised it , you are about to start a new day / semester tomorrow. Fuuuuuuu!!!. Last night was the last night I'm staying at home , meeting families and friend before starting a new semester at UPM. Hang out with friends , since it is the last night we'll be hang out together and stop seeing each other for quite a few months.

Farewell guys!
Andy and Pyan will be goin' back to Sandakan , Maybank and JPJ , Thariq goes to Semporna ,Maybank , Khairul and Fazir , back to UMS. There you goes , spreading around Malaysia like a boss and living another life for few months. Oh yeah! Fazir , if you are reading this , Good luck with your FireFighter interview this 24 feb , may the force be with you.

Dearly Mom :) Love you !
Last but not least , my lovely family mom , sister and brother.. gonna miss all of you , Mom , if you are reading this , dont worry , I know you'll get that job back , just pray and try , believe it :). Love and miss you mom. Halalkan makan minum , and pray for my success while I'm at UPM. You gonna grab that oppurtinity and yeah , you will , best of luck Mom. 

My sister
Well , another story , goodbye my HP Mini 210 , since I'm goin' to buy a new desktop , at the end of this month (finally!) , this is the last entry from my HP Mini 210 , thanks for always helping me out with my stuff and works , all the time we shared together *if you know what I mean. hahaha! . 

Khai & Pyan
Farewell buddies!
Thanks for the treat Jun :) Sayap Ayam Fujimart :) great !

Well , I guess that's it , the end of holiday chapter , and ready to kick off a new semester. COME AT ME BRO !

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