# Some things are better left unsaid.

"Some things are better left unsaid" .

I think this quote is quite true. For some reason , we do believe we should be honest 100% to our partner , boyfie , girlfie , fiance. When two becomes one , take your time to adapt your surrounding , it doesnt mean that you have to share everything , if you know what I mean , past is past then. A bit of privacy towards each other and know the limitation of it , wouldnt be something wrong , isnt it ?.

But , everything has changed now , life has to move on , I really believe with the word "If Life doesnt have ENJOY / FUN / HAPPINESS , then whats the point of Living ? " .  I cant pretend and I cant force the feelings , the only mistakes from the start is that I think I can when I'm not. And for those things happened , all I want to say is I am sorry. 

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