# Semester 4 - come at me bro !

gambar tak ada kaitan :p.
And so , I am sure I am not the only one who feels "fuuuuuuuu!!" when holiday is about to end. Especially for UPM student who are about to kick-off a new semester this 20th Feb.  Well back then , I survived semester 1 , semester 2 , semester 3 and jyeah! Semester 4 ! Come at me bro!. My holiday ? yeah! its fun  and fill with memorable moments , so sad , I've to end it up and goes back to a busy and student life in UPM , well another story and chapter in my life.

Semester 3 was a tough semester through my studies here , with 23 credit hours , it is like hell. Gonna work hard for a better result in semester 4. Since it is wednesday , I dint feel like talking much , the whole world would be busy with their #wordless wednesday , so , this is it , Goodbye HOLIDAY ! and HELLO BOOKS !

#Memories never fade.

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