It is about being STUPID!


 I cant tell you what it really is but I can tell you what it feels like and right now,it feels LIKE A STEEL KNIFE IN MY HEART
Mengapa bercinta jika kesudahannya pasrah?
kerna bila dilamun,oh indahnya tidak terkata...

What's LOVE?
Love is the one that would make the world goes around
Love can lift you up and Love can tear you down 
Make you forget where you at,and where you're from..
Love between siblings and Love between friends
Love to heal heart and Love to make amends
Love it all can start with a SMILE
Love what happen between a mother and a child
Love is too many splendid things
Love can be forever or just be a fling
Love it all can start with a tear
Fear cant stop your Love
but Love can stop your fear
it's all bout what a boy knows bout Love
Love ONE not TWO,
the ONE you LOVE
Will always be TRUE!

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